Calligraphy with Alice Gabb

One of my best friends from school recently set up her own calligraphy company called Cate Creates and has started selling her amazing designs on Etsy. For her birthday we went to to a Calligraphy workshop by Alice Gabb. Cate is self-taught so was keen to see if she could learn any new skills and I was excited to try something new, as always.

Calligraphy 1

The workshop took place at a real cool creative cafe in Homerton called Hatch. As there always tends to be at these types of workshops, there was a really interesting mix of people; one lady wanted to experiment with labelling candles which she sells and another was looking to do her wedding invites. In fact, Georgia who we met is the founder of Ohros candles and she inspired us to go and do a candle making course for our next adventure…but that’s for another post!

The workshop lasted a couple of hours and Alice walked us through how to use the pen and new techniques. We then practiced our hand lettering starting with the letters of the alphabet and then on to whatever words took our fancy.

Calligraphy 2

I’m not sure I was a natural – it’s a lot more difficult than it looks! – but it was super relaxing and a really fun way to spend an afternoon with a friend. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wanted to learn a new skill.

Check out Alice’s website for all of her upcoming workshops and of course Cate Creates and Alice Gabb on Insta for some daily calligraphy inspo.

Calligraphy 4


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